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As said, I was annoyed by the thought that google can find any anagram on the planet in ten minutes. I hope that is not so

I was surprised at the words myself but they are in English, from the Greek..

- Stenos - narrow

- Oikia - a dwelling

- Rheme - a word

.. stenoky rheme - a word or phrase limited in sensibility - like the animals I am thinking of..


tnserafgorewaine-comes 2 words
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cesprasn -- No single-word anagram. Here are the most reasonable (?!):

Can Press
Scan Reps
Scans Rep
Cars Pens
Scar Pens
Crass Pen
Snap Recs
Span Recs
Spans Rec
Snaps Rec
Ran Specs

tnserafgorewaine -- No anagrams of any number of words.

The best I can make of that 16-letter one is a reference to those who now and in the future will rely on thin pieces of silicon: the..

- wafer generations

(Those who prefigured the stenoky rheme, by the way, were the..

- three monkeys)

Best regards to all, Dave
Got me again, Dave! It took the generator so long to come up with its 93,751 anagrams that I thought it could find none. 'Tease Forewarning' is a pretty intriguing one, too.
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(angdeuic) pls help me arrange dis word and also (ephonoricin)
Guidance for the first; I cannot find a reasonable anagram for the 2nd.
Good morning to all

I can't do the second one either!

However, I've discovered that ephonoricibo is an anagram. Any takers for that one?

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Hi again to anon


You've made my morning!

An encryption system that wraps the message into layers of meaningless text is an..

onion cipher

Best regards, Dave
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