What's the difference between receipt (verb) and receive (verb)?

How to use "receipt (verb)" in a sentence?

thanks in advance.

Receive(as a verb) is to get something or accept something.

I received the card in the mail.

Receipt (as a verb) is not commonly used, but it means either (1) to provide a written acknowledgement of payment.

Would you please receipt my rent payment. (More commonly, you would say: Would you please give me a receipt for my rent payment.)

Or (2) to give a receipt for goods or payments received (very close to the first usage).

I told John to receipt the shipment.


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To receipt something (usually a bill or payment) is to mark it as having been paid. This has a very restricted use. One might say to someone in Accounts Receivable, "Sam, could you receipt this invoice for Accounting, please?" Sam will then stamp it in bold red letter that it has been paid in full and off it goes through the bloated, groaning cogs of commerce.

To receive something is as it is commonly held: syn. acquire, take, get.
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I see.

Thank you!
i guess it is really rarely seen to use 'receipt' as a verb, but at auction houses, one of their inventory manager's job is to 'receipt' properties consigned by their clients. the staff uses the word 'receipting' as a verb quite often in the office.
Receipt is not a verb. It looks like a verb when you say that "you are in receipt of John's letter." This means you have received John's letter.

"in receipt of something" is a phrase. When you just say "receipt", it is a piece of paper that you get
from some one as confirmation that they have received money or goods from you.
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Receipt is defined as a noun and like many others can be occasionally used as verbs under the right context. I haven't seen it used as verb though.
I have been hearing my colleagues using the work "receipted" and this infuriates me!!!

For example, this invoice has not been receipted!

This is not good grammer.
It is a verb and using the word receipted is not wrong. It is not common, however it is not wrong.

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Is the sentence "These donations will be properly receipted" correct?
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