I speak British English, and i do know the difference between EE and RP but can someone tell me what is the MAIN REASON of using RP on media such as news channel and why not they just use EE instead?
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I disagree, Rasmusq. "Cockney" is a very specific accent, and is not the same as EE, and at no time has Cockney been spoken by everybody. Emotion: smile
Cockney speakers always omit the ' t ' . EE speakers only omit the t when it is at the end of a word , or in between vowels , never in between consonants .

EE speakers also leave out the ' l ' in ' vulnerable ' , or ' itself ' .
They also pronounce the ' l ' of a word like a ' w ' . For example , ' techinal college ' is
pronounced as ' te?nicaw cowwege " by EE speakers . I have heardly listened to a pure EE speaker though .
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will you tell me if i have got it?

vul-ner-a-ble = "Vohnabowhe"

It-self = "itsehwf"

E-mail = "emayowh"

reduce = "rejuice"

"th".= f (for most words not all)

"L" = owh (usually at the end or middle of words but not in beging)

"Actually" = Akchewie

"brush"= bwush (?)

i fink i got it no? email if you wana help me or get help from me
vulnerable -> vunnrebow

it-self -> itsewf

e-mail -> emaio

stressful -> stressfow

beatuiful -> beautifow
You often hear these days that Estuary English is "taking over" in the UK. I think this is overplayed. We have a few very visible TV personalities at the moment who speak EE - Jonathon Ross, Jamie Oliver, Robert Elms etc, and it seems to be a "trendy" accent in the media, but I don't notice it becoming a widespread way of talking throughout the UK - I live in the north east and regularly visit family in the midlands. The Manchester accent was all the rage a few years ago, but we're not all saying "mad fe'rit" now.

There is possibly a slight "converging" of Brtish accents - inevitable with national media, but I don't think they're converging into EE. Regional accents will go on for a long time yet.
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Very good...beautiful is a bit more like Bee-u-tifoe (or the foe could be spelt fow or fohw heh)
im doing research about EE. can anybody tell me who exactly speaks it? it seems that nobody agrees on this issue.

My dear, the main reason is because RP is like a standard English For all countries, but EE is like only for England , that's all, j bye from Chile jj
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