I speak British English, and i do know the difference between EE and RP but can someone tell me what is the MAIN REASON of using RP on media such as news channel and why not they just use EE instead?
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EE is a regional accent only, so it would be a bit like making all news channels use a Yorkshire accent, or a Bristol accent or an Edinborough accent. More and more regional accents from all over Britain are appearing on news programmes and they are common on other types of programmes, but you won't get one dominating. It just depends where the speaker was born. RP is a neutral sort of accent, it is not tied into one area geographically.
RP accents mean that everyone can understand it, as some accents can be difficult to interpret
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That is absolutely correct caduca Emotion: stick out tongue
media purpose is
to communicate.
to let people know....
to let people UNDERSTAND.

I recently read somewhere that the Estuary accent was slowly taking the place of Received Pronunciation in the UK. Whether it is true or not, I have no idea what the Estuary accent sounds like!

Is there anyone that is fairly well-known (in the news or in movies) that speaks with an Estuary accent that someone could point out so that I might be able to hear it and distinguish it?

I sure hope it isn't the UK accent that pronounces the "th" sound as a "f/ph".
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Yes I'm afraid that is one of its elements.

Think (fink) David Beckham.
Cockneys produce 'th' sounds as 'f', estuary English users do not! Estuary English is kind of half way between RP and Cockney. Ben Elton uses it, as do some politicians, tv presenters etc.

Its like RP, but with more glottals (bu'er for butter etc), 'l's at the end of syllables are often like 'w's 'miwk' (milk) 'midow'(middle) and RP 'tj'/'dj' sounds (Tuesday/reduce) are 'ch'/'j'='choosday'/'rejuce'.
i was under the impression that EE is taking over RP although many linguists do not agree with that. fact is that it is used already in the House and since the streets are already full of EE speakers some kind of merging must happen.
though it would be kind of cool when everybody spoke cockney.
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