Recession beating companies mean firms that aren't actually suffering from the recession, according to BBC.

Is reccession beating same as recession-proof?

I have not heard "recession beating" as a phrase. Recession-proof is a common phrase.
A kind of company that does well in recession conditions might be called "recession-beating". A pawn shop for example, since in hard times, people will hock their valuables to get a bit of extra money.

Comapnies that are said to be recession-proof are producers of consumables (we still buy toothpaste and soap in a recession), or medical businesses (we still get sick in recessions).
LiveinjapanIs reccession beating same as recession-proof?
It seems so, according to the BBC. Emotion: smile

Literally, companies that can beat (overcome; win in a contest with) a recession.

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Thanks, AStars and CJ.
I understand both of your comments!
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