Reclusive North Korea has proposed holding working-level military talks with rival South Korea.

"working-level" - compare it with 'working draft' which facilitates or permits further work, or perhaps 'working constitution' - a constitution which is not still in final form but would be improved/amended to reach final stage/form. Do I make any sense? Likewise "working-level" would suggest that talks are of serious nature and would pave the way for future further development and cooperation. It's an adjective. Moreover, it can imply that North Korea is quite serious this time. What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know.
How about "a work in progress"?

"Getting down to the nitty-gritty"?

I think "working draft" is okay as an analogy, but it's too limiting. (It's a document which may be altered/ammended, etc.)

This would be a conversation between people who are able to work out the details, using whatever tools may be at their disposal.
Your explanation sounds good. They are not just policy meetings; they are talks where work will be done toward solving the several problems. What they really do in the meetings, however, is a different thing.
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Mister MicawberThey are not just policy meetings
I'm confused about "policy meetings". Are these the meetings where policies are made such as how exchange of prisoners should take place between two belligerent nations. Or, are these the ones which are merely routine meetings because the policy dictates that these meetings should held after a fixed period of time. Please guide me.
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Hi, Jackson,
Looks like MrM has stepped out.
I understood him to say that the subject meetings were definitely not routine meetings, but were meetings where new ground would be broken.
That is, they were not "meetings mandated by existing policy" but "meetings to form new policy."

(I hope I'm right.) Emotion: smile