Hi All,

I have one confusion about word Recognition, Could anyone please tell me which is correct word to use? I’m refereeing this word in Character/speech or language recognition.

I’m developing small software application which can recognize handwritten text. So here it is ‘Character Recognition’ or it should be ‘Character Recognization’?

If someone tells me exact meaning of these two words would be greatly appreciated and what is correct phase ‘Character Recognization’ or ‘Character Recognition’?

Thanks in Advance,

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Hi Rweworld and welcome to EnglishForward

Both same but when googled the results are

Recognition= 87 200 000

Recognization = 19 200 000

in use. So, to me "Character/speech or language recognition".

Hi yulysess

Thanks for reply. When i google it i got spelling check for Recognization and suggestion for change to Recognition. And i'm getting spell check error for US English but for UK English no error message in MS World. So i'm confuse is that world like Recognization or not?

Once again thanks for your reply.

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you're welcome Rw,

and, I think, the word " Recognization" is used commonly in "computer relating" issues.
For native English speakers recognition is the only word that exists. Recognization is a word invented by scientists (probably not native English speakers) who have no proper knowledge of the English language. Recognization can only exist if you accept the existence of the word cognization. In the same way the verb will have to be recognizate.
Just a clarification:
Recognization is a historically valid variation of Recognition (there are quotes from the early 1700s using it). As English speakers got lazy, the longer form became obsolete to the point that some people deny its existence.
It was not "invented" recently, nor was it indicative of "not native English speakers." Claims of that sort are unsubstantiated, and anyone blindly insisting that recognition is the "only" form of the word is a militant reactionary in denial of historical reality.
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according to your logic the verb related to the noun personalization would have to be personalizate.. I don't think so!
That's the word, actually this word 'Recognization' is boring for me, the true one is Recognition
Fouad Bahrpeyma
Simply put you're developing recognization software.....
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