I will be very grateful if somebody native proofreads this recommendation letter for a graduate student. I've been struggling a lot with some sentences, but they still seem to be overloaded and vague. Please, scan my text and say, if it is fluent and clear for you or not. Are there any unnecessary details? Any suggestions for improvement are welcome!
Please, correct my grammar and style mistakes as well.

Thank you A LOT in advance! Emotion: smile

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my pleasure to recommend XXX for admission to the Art History programme at the XXX. I have known XXX for the past two years, both as a professor and an assigned supervisor of her graduation project and this gave me the chance to gain insight into the student’s abilities and personality.

Since the beginning of our collaboration XXX has showed herself as an intelligent and hardworking student, who takes a passionate interest in the chosen area. During my lectures XXX has always been attentive and concentrated, perceiving study material profoundly and displaying a remarkable grasp of the content. She has consistently taken an active part in classroom discussions and seminars, bringing in a lot with thoughtful comments and interesting presentations. In completing tasks and assignments XXX has always demonstrated great initiative and a very positive attitude, as well as good team working skills.

Working on a graduation project under my supervision, XXX has shown excellent analytical skills and intellectual creativity. She has taken a deep look into novel and complex problems of the newly established relationship between art heritage and modern technologies as a means of its virtual presentation. By using a broad interdisciplinary approach and involving plenty of resources, she accomplished an exceptionally well researched and interesting project, which was made part of the university’s best graduation works catalogue.

XXX seems to be highly enthusiastic about everything that relates to art and art history. She is maintaining continual self-learning and growth through extensive reading and attending all exhibitions and art events available in the city. This has helped her to gain deep understanding and broad erudition in the subject. XXX ’s perpetual seeking after new knowledge and experience must have determined her decision of taking academic programme abroad.

I would rate the student's overall performance as far above average, which is evidenced by her marks. She has superior grades in all of the attended courses and graduated with honours in the top 10% of the faculty students.

At a personal level, XXX is a well disciplined, responsible student with a pleasant personality. She has always been very friendly and respectful, showing a great capacity for integration into university life. She has actively participated in cultural activities, provided by our university, being involved into students performances and designing the stage. XXX is a broad-minded, internationally oriented student, who has some abroad experience and is well prepared to new challenges.

For all these reasons, I would highly recommend XXX. She is an exceptional candidate, who would contribute greatly to any programme. Furthermore, I believe that studying at your university will provide her with valuable experience and will help her deepen understanding of the subject she is sincerely interested in.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
This part of your recommendation was the only part that did not 'gel' well

and this gave me the chance to gain insight into the student’s abilities and personality

More insight to what you mean by...as well as good team working skills.

If you can change that around it is PERFECT

well done!
Thank you a lot! =) Actually, I've already sent this letter to the university as it was posted here. But later I will have to send the same recommendation letter to a scholarship organisation and I will improve the parts you've pointed at. Thank you again for your time and help!!!
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please help me sir....i wantto do MS in GERMANY .....so ineed sample letter of Recommendation so please help me sir....this is my mail id Email Removed
We do not write letters for people, but there are helpful tips here: http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetter-Writing/Forum5.htm . You can also post your efforts in that forum. Some members are prepared to correct letters and offer suggestions for improvement.
Thank you Iness. I m greatiful to you. You have helped me a lot Emotion: kiss
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Hi There

The letter is great, would you mind if I used it as a template for my own letter, I am applying for a different field and will make changes to suit my purpose...Thanks in advance
Great. I would recommend changing the last sentence from your introductory paragraph. May I use it as a template?
My dear, this letter was perfect to me
thank you
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