Hi everyone
I have a research paper to write and have selected my topic: The influence of the mother tongue when learning a foreign language.
I think a lot of us are living this experience right now by communicating in a foreign language.
If you have some articles, journals or websites to recommand, I would really appreciate.
All personal points of views or opinions are more than welcome. Due to the diversity of the members of this forum, the result can only be interesting!!
Thanks a lot for helping me out!!
Such a topic is immense.

In my view, adults learn foreign languages chiefly through a process of comparison with their native language. This is bad for accent, but helpful for most other things because language has so many universals.

Kids, who cannot do this, are over-rated, and are miserable language learners compared to many adult linguistic boffins.
You could write a whole paper on orthographic interference!
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On the other hand, young kids can acquire a new language almost as easily as they have acquired their first language, by an unconscious process.
It seems primordial to talk about the interference of languages, languages deriving from a common language and which have parallel structures. In this case, a process of comparison seems helpful.
When two languages are completely different, with alphabets and grammatical features different, comparisons are less possible.
Anyway, thanks for replying!!
Hi everybody!

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Dear Amandine,
I wrote you a longer message, but it's lost due to an error occured. I'm not in the mood to write down all of it. Have a look at Linguis list>publications>dissetation abstracts, then chose browse by linguistic subfields. They can give you a hint on limiting your topic to something smaller, like word order, transitivity,...
The following link gives you access to a book on language acquisition and learning, though it's a bit old(1981), it may help you in finding something:
http://www.sdkrashen.com/SL_Acquisition_and_Learning /
And this is another link, hopefully a useful one:
There are lots of material on the net, hope you can find something to begin with.
Good luck,
thanks a lot guys!!!
You don't need to bother any longer with this thread, I turned my paper in 3 weeks ago, and i got a 19 out of 20. this subject was fascinating to me, I spent a lot of time on it and i am glad to get this score.
once again, THANKS!!