Hi please help me how to use prepostion "for" or "to" for recommend. thanks
i'm I'm pleased to recommend to/for Ms. Naumira.

No preposition when recommending a person or thing to someone else.
to goes with the person to whom the recommendation is addressed.
for goes with the position for which the person is recommended.

I recommend John to you for the position of Chief Bottle-Washer.

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Please give us the complete sentence, naumira, and then we can judge which preposition is appropriate.
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ok the complete sentence is that i'm pleased to recommed to/for Ms. Naumira.
i'm looking forward it .
ok the complete sentence is :
i am pleased to recommend to/for Ms. Naumira to apply this position.

i'm waiting your anwer. thanks
I guess you do not need a preposition, if yoy want to say, that Ms.Naumira is the best candidate Emotion: smile
If Ms.Naumira takes desicion who is better, than use 'to'. but in this case a sentense is built rather strange.
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Thanks for your suggestion Nadiniana.
Naumira, was it a test question or your own sentense?
i'm a newcomer, thought it was your own.
Nadiniania it's not my own sentence. i am asked to correct it out. thanks for your correction. so welcome in this site. Nice to meet you
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