The following is a sheet that I made for recording the improper information left by a few of the students who just finished the prelimary test. If they didn't give correct and sufficient information, they would cause a lot of troubles for us. That's why we have to record them and the facts to deduct ten points off their scores. Correct me if there is anything that doesn't make sense to you. Thanks.

Record of improper answer sheets




Without class

Without No.

Without Name


I think you can probably find a better word than 'without'.

How about 'class missing' 'number missing' and 'Name missing'.
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Thanks, Nona.

I like your suggestion and correct my sheet accordingly.
To make sure, what about the title? Do you have better suggestions?
Improper is again a bit odd. How about

Record of incomplete answer sheets
Thanks, Nona.

"Incomplete answer sheets" sounds better to me!
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