The presidential campaign is very much hot in Wisconsin. Three democratic candidates questioned the veracity of president Bush on Iraq war by their special own means in order to get scores from the contest. For example, the front-runner Kelly, Massachusetts Senate reprimanded the discretionary action invoking Iraq war. “ He should tell the truth why the solders were dispatched to Iraq. And he lied to the whole Americans.”
Currently, Kelly racked up the wins of 8 in 10 races. It is supposed that Kelly will become the matchup with Republic president Bush. But the media of the Republic party will pounce on him. He addressed the issue::” I stand up to the fight that they will come at me. “.
Edward remains the race even if he losses in Wisconsin on Tuesday. He said, “ I will fight for everyone who stand up for me.” oppositely, Dean, Vermont senate praised Kelly “he is a fine man”. He will be side with Kelly if he fails in Wisconsin.
Closer view of the candidates will present on March.
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Do you mean Kerry instead of Kelly?

Did you post this for comments or what?
Kerry annoys me so much for MANY reasons, but the top two keep coming up again and again and again . . .

1. John Kerry has changed his views on the war with Iraq several times, saying that America should go into Iraq after the 'brutal dictator' and then turning around and refuting HIS OWN ADVICE!!

2. He continuously attacks President Bush and all of his ideas/laws/statements/past history etc etc etc and says that they are all bad for such-and-such a reason, but RARELY offers alternatives. I feel like saying "That's fine Mister Kerry, glad to know your opinion, but if you don't have any other alternative idea(s) then please keep your mouth shut till you do!" I mean, that's OK that he doesn't agree, but as a possibility for future president he should be offering more help and less aggression (my opinion).

It'll be an intersting election and no mistake, that's all I can say. But for what it's worth, I'll be casting my pre-18 "vote" (lol...jk) in favor of Bush, who is visibly doing everything he can to make America a safer place for Americans despite his problems with the economy which (I might add) are the effects of our past President's laws. Again, I'm not trying to start a war, these are just my opinions and everyone is entitled to that at least. (If someone responded refuting everything I've just written, that'd be fine and I would take no offense as I hope none will be taken by what's in MY post!!)


VOTE @))$ : ) (that's: "2004" WITHOUT the shift button added)
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UGH!! NONE OF THESE SMILIES WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Kicks the hard drive in ***

Hey Teenwriter, I like your spunk. I don't agree with you, but hey, that's ok. I love Uncle Bill and think he did great things for our country. Imagine what he could have done if he hadn't had to carry around the Republican party. As far as Bush, I'm ready to send him back to Crawford, Texas, permanently.
Well . . . I don't agree with you either, Guy (in this instance).

But we are Americans and as such can voice our opinions freely without having to be afraid of being poisoned by chemicals etc etc. But I'm glad we can listen to each other's opinions without getting mad or offensive . . . that's what REALLY counts!

And even more importantly (as I saw on the "Passion of the Christ" thread) we are BOTH Christians and the Bible states that there should be no arguments within the body of Christ. So I'm glad you didn't interpret what I said in the wrong way and no flames shot up as a result.

So you can vote for Kelly--er--Kerry and I'll 'vote' for Bush. Emotion: smile Emotion: smile

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The more I know you, the better I like you.
Thanks, Guy, and I can assure you that my feelings are mutual.

It's not often that people on either side of the political spectrum (as far as what party they side with and all that) can still respect each other for their own opinions instead of getting all hot under the collar and offensive.

I'm glad we can understand each other's views and respect them, leaving it at that and not adding the "but..." and then getting judgmental.

I Enjoy posting back and forth with you Emotion: smile Guy, you've made my first few days here quite enjoyable!

Looks like we're buddies. I'll be traveling for the next couple of days, but look forward to more of your stuff when I get back on.
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