Let me introduce my self, I am uday kumar from India , working in Europe. I can speek good english , but I am not sure the english I am specking in daily life has good grammer or not.

I have few queries in grammer , which are as folllows:

1. When should we use 'Has been confirmed' , 'Is confirmed' ?. What is the difference between them.

2. When should we use 'Should have ' , ' Could have' to say about the things in past?.

3. When do we use 'Had been' , 'Has been' ?.

Please do not lough , if my questions are silly. I am just trying to learn good English.

I would appreciate if any one answer my questions with some explanation.

Best Regards,
These are very good questions. And quite complicated.

1) I am not sure what you mean here. Can you post some example sentences for me?

2) The difference between "should have" and "could have" in the past is:
Should have: it was a good idea to do it, but you did not do it! I am presenting the alternative choice that was better, but not taken.
Could have: here is another option that you had in the past, but did not do. It might have been better, or the same or a worse choice.... but it was an option.

Basically, should have is implying an opinion on the speaker's part.... while could have is more neutral. Thus, it might be more polite to use "could have" in some cases, even if you mean "should have".

To my friend: "You should have bought a new house last year, when the prices were cheaper." "You could have come to the party last night, but it wasn't that great, so you did not miss anything."
To my father: "You could have taken route 341, I think it might be faster." My meaning is "should have", but I want to be respectful to my dad.

3) Ewwww.... this is tricky.... one thing "has been" is much more common. Can you give me examples also?

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Thanks! Tino