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Dear Mr. Lee,I am writing on behalf of Haneen Mohamed, a remarkable young woman who I have had the pleasure of being her translator director at trust translation for three months. While she was doing her training course for the University of Bahrain. I had such a wonderful times working with her, she is really excellent translator. I am pleased to recommend her for translator position in the Babylon translation Centre.I was really impressed by her work. Haneen is such a creative and organized person at the same. Also, she is always work hard to finish her translation at the exact time. moreover, she works with confidence. During her three months training she translate to many document and it was excellent. In addition, all the client that Haneen translate their document were satisfied with her work. While Haneen was working in the company she was spreading positive energy in the office. Haneen changes the atmosphere of the office make it become full of joy and lovely, Also, she is sociable and helpful person. She helped everyone needed help also she became a friend with everyone in the office. I can recommend Haneen with the utmost confidence to anywhere she wishes to go. Haneen will be a strong asset and a great fit for translator position in the Babylon translation Centre. If you would like to speak further about my experience working with Haneen, Please email me at HYPERLINK "mailto:Email Removed" Email Removed or call me at (555)456-7890Sincerely,


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