In the context: The payment is deducted but storage not refilled in google drive.

Deam team,

I am enquiring about the issue of updating storage. Even though it was automatically renewed for the payment of Rs.130 for 100 GB storage as per our monthly subscription, The 100 GB has not been refilled/replenished so far.

Please do the needful as soon as possible

Please suggest the way of reporting by email.

kumenglishPlease do the needful as soon as possible

That is exclusively Indian English. It is not used in American English.

kumenglishDeam team,

I do not understand "Deam"
Are you writing to a customer support team?

I think you want to ask this:

I paid for an upgrade to my DropBox / Google Drive / OneDrive / iCloud storage capacity, from 100 GB to 1 TB. The monthly fee for this is Rs. 130. Even though my recent payment of Rs. 130 was processed two weeks ago, I still do not see the increased storage capacity linked to my account. Could you please investigate this issue?


No, that doesn't make sense. Can you explain what you mean by "refilled" or "replenished"?

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I meant the refilled that the storage updated every month by buying space such as 100 GB in google drive.

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I think you mean "fulfilled" instead of "refilled"; am I right?

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Yes, the data storage needs to be fulfilled for the month but not made.

AlpheccaStarsDeam team,I do not understand "Deam"

Sorry, typo Dear* team(Yes, it refers a customer support team)

Thank you for giving the effective email's body content.


Yes, the data storage needs to be fulfilled for the month but not made.

"Data storage" does not work with "fulfilled"

If you fill your data storage, there is not any space left for more files.  
If you delete all the files from data storage, it will be empty. You can then refill it with more data. Then it will be full again.

"but not made" makes no sense.

Orders can be fulfilled / completed / processed.
A request for more data storage can be made.

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