hi ,
when at school or university you fail a course, you have to retake it
what is this course called when you're taking it for the second time
and whats a refresh course ? does such a word exist ?
AnonymousWhat's a refresh course ?
There is no such thing. You mean refresher course. If you have been away from your studies for a long time and have forgotten things you learned, you may want to take a refresher course to help you call to mind the material you have forgotten.

When you are not qualified to proceed to more advanced courses in your field, you may be required to take a remedial course to bring you up to speed before continuing.

If you fail a course and have to repeat it, you just say you have to repeat the course or that you are retaking the course. I'm not aware of any special name for that. I would not call it either a refresher course or a remedial course.

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