This is probably a religious concept but if you have knowledge about it, would you please explain "to refresh one's faith" in

"JOSEPH DYER, A JESUIT PRIEST, IRISH, forty–five years of age and a teacher of religion at Georgetown University, had started his Sunday with the Mass of Christ, refreshing his faith and renewing its mystery, celebrating hope in the life to come and praying for mercy on all mankind."

Source: Legion by William Peter Blatty.



Just as one can refresh one's body with for example a good meal, a good sleep.,etc.,

so too one can one refresh one's faith by contemplation, meditation, studying the Scriptures, praying, etc.

This is why, for example, some people choose to live in a monastery.


hhttrefreshing his faith

renewing his commitment to his faith by participating in the Catholic ritual known as the mass