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could someone kindly shed some light on the difference therebetween?

BTW, if i intend to mean TO ARGUE AGAINST THE OPPONENT'S ARGUMENT, which one of the two fit better here.

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Hi Mr. Ding,

The two terms are similar, but in court, I've seen the term "offer a rebuttal" or a "rebuttal testimony" more often. (just my 2 cents)

This may be a more accurate distinction: [url="http://www.cjr.org/tools/lc/refute.asp "]Difference between rebut and refute[/url]

Hope that helps.
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1 comment To refute is argue against someone by showing that there arguement is wrong, untrue. For example if someone said that science has shown Climate change to be unfounded, you could refute this claim by showing scientific evidence which shows it does support climate change thoeries.

T rebut is to assemble an arguement where you do not disprove the other persons claims, you simple provide an alternitive arguement whcih seems better. An example: you want to aruge that people have a right to smoke. The person your arguing with claims that smoking causes illness, this is a claim that is very difficult to refute so you rebut the claim by bringing in the argument that people should have a free choice, if they want to smoke, as long as they do it behind closed doors and they know the risk, than they should be allowed.

If anyone has any issues with this relay feel free to rebut or refute any claims!

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Thanks for the information anon. It does kind of annoy me when people use real world topics that some (crazy) people really do disagree with in examples. Using something like "the moon is made of cheese" instead of "global warming is a myth" would probably be preferable because there are far less people who believe the former.
"Rebuttal" is a matter of evidence, whilst "refutation" is a matter of argument.
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When you rebut someone’s argument you argue against it. To refute someone’s argument is to prove it incorrect. Unless you are certain you have achieved success, use “rebut.”

So basically "Refute" is only used if it completely disproves the statement.
You just said the opposite of the statement before you. Two different answers an I still do not understand. It was explained to me that I would refute my sons opinion! And I would rebute an argument with facts.
To refute someone's argument is to prove that their argument is unsound (not true), and therefore they are wrong. To rebut someone's argument is to show that their argument has not sufficiently made their case, and therefore they have not proven themselves to be right. As someone else in this thread commented, a rebuttle simply requires a viable alternate explanation whereas a refutation requires proof that the explanation/argument given is false. The latter is a much higher standard.
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