I need some help in writing a letter to a company who have called me for an interview , but i want to inform them that i have got job in other company and i could not apear in interview and they can continue their process of interview with some other suitable candidate, i want to use a humble language in my letter so that if in future i need to contact them, i do not feel hasitation ..

I will really appreciate if some one could suggest me word to form my letter,

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Anon, congratulations on your new job.

We don't write letters for people, but we can help you make it better. Why don't you just write what you would say the person the phone, and we'll help polish it up a little bit, okay?

Start with

I want to thank you very much for the opportunity...

and see where it takes you.

I want to thank you very much for this oppurtunity to appear in interview , actually I have got an employement at AAAA as System Developer and I am waiting for my work permit to Norway.(Please help me here to form a sentence that how can i tell them that i am pleased with this empolyement)

I am really thankful to you for considering me a candidate.(Now I want to end here by expressing them that I am sad to tell you that I could not appear in interview and they can continue with other candidates.. ...)

with best regards,