Sentence : "He is now also in the race of/for golden boot awards."

My question: Which preposition would be correct to use in this sentence ?

*** PS: I often get confuse regarding the use of prepositions in sentences like the above one. For e.g. I used the preposition "of" in the above sentence initially, but I was a bit unsure about its usage. So I decided to do a Google search about it, which suggested preposition "of" is likely to be wrong and preposition "for" should come there instead, if one go by search result. So along with the answer please also tell (trick, method etc) how one should decide/select the right preposition.

Regards and thanks
I'd use "for" here.

If the competition were officially called "The Race Of The Golden Boot," of course that would be a different story. You're entitled to some poetic license in titles.

"The Race For The Gold" is also idiomatic.

"The Race For The Double Helix" (movie title about the DNA molecule)

Unfortunately, the best trick with prepositions is having a good memory. Emotion: nodding
Thanks for your reply Avangi. Seems I have to follow your advice of "good memory" because there are certain things which can be learn only by memoryEmotion: smile. And this preposition thing seems to be one of them.Emotion: smile