Sentence: "Here is the link where Jon Stewart of CNN japed at X and Y." ( X and Y are names of certain people which I don't want to name for some reasons)

My question: Should the above mentioned sentence contain preposition at or any other preposition ? Or it would would do without it and other preposition ?

**My own sense there is no need of preposition at or any other preposition in the sentence but I'm not sure about it which is why I am seeking your help. So forum members kindly help me Emotion: smile


'Jape' is not an appropriate word. I even had to look it up in my dictionary to see that it is actually a verb. It seems pretty archaic to me.

Choose another way of saying this, and repost, please.

Best wishes, Clive
First of all sorry for replying late. As per your advise I'm replacing the word jape with the word jested. So what would be the answer sir ?