Sentence: "The reason I am writing this post because I want to tell the people, who think he is a crook , to not make perception under pressure from liberals, conservatives or on the reports of corrupt media. Just be a contrarian for a while in this case."

My question: Is the preposition to been used correctly in the sentence ? Second question is the word under pressure been used correctly in the sentence ? And if there are other errors in the sentence then do point it out them also.

The sentence is correct but so formal it fails to be persuasive.

How about - The purpose for me writing this post is to to request to all you good people, not to believe he is a crook, just because politicians and corrupt media states he is. Hold your judgement until you can decide for yourself.
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Your sentence is very refined and good. Liked it and have learned something from it. Seriously thinking of replacing my sentence with yours. But would be happy to know where I'm erring in my sentence , what are my weak points, faults etc, you know.Emotion: smile Learners are always eager to know that. Emotion: smile Thanks for taking time and replying.
It is complicated to explain. There was nothing wrong with your sentence, however I read it and couldn't care less about your man. I tried writing it more persuasive so people want to act on it. It is advanced, but I used more emotional terms and wrote from a side rather than being neutral. Hope this helps.