Sentence:[/b] The report of one-man committee "led by"[/b] Joseph M is out.
The report of one-man committee "of" [/b] Joseph M is out.

Question: [/b]Generally we use the word "led by"[/b] to imply that somebody is leading a "group of people". Means there are many people the guy in question is heading or leading for some purpose etc. However, the word "led"[/b] has many meanings. One of them is "be in charge of"[/b].

Which brings to my questions :[/b]

Would it be grammatically correct to use the word "led by"[/b] in the above mentioned sentence for the "one-man committee"? Or[/b]

Would it be grammatically more correct to use the preposition "of"[/b] in the sentence, like has been done in the alternative sentence?

**[/b]Google results are favoring the preposition "of"[/b] for the information. But I would like to know your honest opinion on it as it's confusing me a lot.

Thanks and regards
To my ear, "a one-man committee led by Mr. M" refers to another person, whom Mr. M leads, so I imagine two people in total.

I'd use the "of" form if there's really only one person.

CalifJimI'd use the "of" form if there's really only one person.CJ
Thanks. Your reply cleared up my doubt. Yes, it is indeed only one person commitee so now I can use the preposition "of" with confidence. Your views about how the word "led up" is sounding to your ears, a native, really me understood the difference. Thanks Jim. Emotion: smile