Could you please tell me which sentence of the following is of a higher register?
1. The closet was used to store clothes.
2. The closet was used for storing slothes.
Hi Maverick,

I don't understand what you mean by 'higher register' and from the lack of responses I guess no one else does either. Can you explain again what you want?
Hi Nona,
As I understood from some replies, a register is a certain level of English. The higher the register is the more (grammatically) proper or acceptable the sentence is.
So I just asked which sentence would be better to use.
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I'd say

1. The closet (well I wouldn't because that is American but I'll use my imagination) was used to store clothes.

2.The closet was used to store clothes in.

3.The closet was used for storing clothes.

With my preference being for number 3.
Well, thanks and another Q:
Would you say about an inanimate object "...is used to storing clothes"?

'be + used + to' means to be accustomed to something. This would mean that the object had feelings about storing clothes.
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What about 'is used to store'?
The closet is used [by people] to store clothes [in].
Is it OK?
This time it looks like passive, doesn't it?
Ah yes in this case it is ok. Sorry.

It is is 'used to 'ing' that means accustomed to.
Thank you very much, Nona.
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