Hi teachers ,

At school I often hear " registrar'office" ,"admissions office" and "registration office " .What is the difference between these words?

Thank you in advance
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If you want to enroll, you have to pass in Admission Office. They are in-charge for the following; answering queries like school fees and requirements to be submitted. Application for Admission will be given by this department . They are also in-charge for the entrance examination of the students.

Results of entrance examination, interview/assessment and approval of admission for the subject students would be signed by and from the Registrar's and Principal's Office. All documents submitted and pertaining to by the students from the day he enrolled should be passed and remain intact to the Registrar's Office. Follow-up for incomplete requirements of the students/processing/requests from other school/verification and issuance of students records/submission of goverment required school documents and reports should be made and signed by the Registrar's Office.

The function and responsibilities explicitly stated by the school owner. Unless otherwise indicated, the Registrar shall be the contact person when the Principal is out of the school.