Hi teachers ,

At school I often hear " registrar'office" ,"admissions office" and "registration office " .What is the difference between these words?

Thank you in advance
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Institutions will differ on the use of these, but I think a general guide would be the following:
registrar = keeps track of the daily schedules of classes and the students enrolled in them;
admission = evaluates the applications of potential students to see if they qualify to go to the school.
Thank you Philip, but how about registration office ? It it the same as admissions office ?

Best wishes
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When you "register" for something, you do not have admission criteria. I can register to attend a picnic at work, or for a non-credit course open to everyone.

You would not generally have a "registration office" at a place that required you to meet certain criteria for admission. They are not the same.
Hi Grammar Geek ,

Suppose I want to register to learn English at the level of book 2 Streamline English at a foreign languages center . Will I register at the registration office or at the admissions office ? I guess I have to register at the registration office .If that is right , when will I have to come to the admissions office ?

By the way , the person who works in the admissions office is called admissions officer .How do you call the person who works in the registration office ?

Thanks and Best wishes
Hi Tuongvan,

Every school will probably have slight variations on what they call things. If you have to apply for admission to a program, you'll deal with admissions. Otherwise, only with registration. But they still might have the registrar's office. Without meaning to be too silly, I'd call the person who works in registration "The person who works in registration." I had to do that once. "Hi - I just spoke to a lady who works in registration, and I said I would call back with my membership number, but I didn't catch her name." "Oh yes, that was Sharon. Let me put you through to her."
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In my school, there are the accounts and the office. The office deals with everything from answering calls to the school to managing student attendance. Whilst the accounts, as the name suggests, is responsibile for everything that has to do with the school's money. That includes managing the money paid to the school and the money spent by the school.

Thank you Peaceblinkfriend

By the way , Is it ok if I say " I want to register to learn English at the level of book 2 Streamline English at a foreign languages center "

Best wishes
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