Our teacher told us to write an essay about the benifical of regular exercises for health .I'v written this essay , so please correct it me and give some advices .

Do you do exercises regulary ? Or you don't know their benifits for health? Peaple need to know that they have many benifitical effects for health , such as , curing diseases ,giving a good shape and keeping body and mind lively .

curing diseases is the most significant effect of regular exercises . As doctors proved they can cure effeiently many diseases like heart diseases , blood presures , rhem diseases ....ect .As a result ,they can serve in steas of alot of chemical pills which may have bad side reactions .

Another effect is getting a good shape which evreybody is required ; man or women .In fact , people who do exercises regulary and sports symmetrical shap . In reality , have you ever seen a sport with a big stomach? Of caures no .Also they don't suffer from many other bad things like early scencences .At the end good shape means good healthy . so seek to have a healthy body my regular exercises.

Finally , getting a healthy mind is realated to hve healthy body which is also one of the benifical effects of regular exercises .Student for example who are healthy have a healthy mind which allaws them to study and to attand their schools or universities regulary .

At the end , it's clear now how it's important to keep on doing exercises regulary , so dont deorive yourself getting a healthy body.
Hello Pure Heart

Your essay is full of spelling and punctuation mistakes. My advice is to check your dictionary for spelling and to carefully review the punctuation. Then it will be easier for someone to give you suggestions on grammar and style.

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Thank you so much sir . I will take your advices in my mind seriously.