I need to design a simple form for a treasurer of a non-profit organization.

People who ask for a reimbursement for their spending need to state in this form: their names,the reason of their purchase/the goods they purchased, the amount of the spending and an approval signature from a committee member for the spending; they will get a reimbursement by turning in this form and the receipts. Could you please help me with the phrasing and the 'questions' order of this form, so it doesn't look too amateur? Thank you very much! Any other other comments are also greatly appreciated.


Reason for reimbursement:

Commettee Approval:


Reimbursement paid to:
I think, it's not English grammar question, Hahaha! But you can find it in Microsoft homepage

Here is a sample


Take a look


Forgive me if I am out topic!

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Heee- and I think, CK, it's an English usage question, at least partly.Emotion: wink

But I'll take care to ask totally English usage question here in the future. Thanks so much for the excellent samples; exactly what I need.
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Your are welcome! Emotion: smile
Does this sentence look Okay? I want to use it in my email:

'Attached is the reimbursement form I spoke of in our last meeting. I think it'll be a good addition to our accounting system as it serves as an audit and expenditure control device. '

Will it sound better if I write '...as it serves the purpose of audit and expenditure control.' insead?

Thanks for your advice.
Excellent suggestions , Apropos , people require a a form , We filled out and esigned a blank document here https://goo.gl/xxluTA .
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