I realize that the two verbs are used in different contexts, but I am trying to draw a line between them. What would be the difference between: "Researchers are trying to relate/connect low exam results to/with large class sizes.", "All the problems they had to deal with were related/connected." - I don't think that "connected" works in the second sentence, but I don't know why. What would be the difference between them? There are plenty of other examples. Most dictionaries define it as "connect/to show a connection," but I don't think they have the same meaning. Could you, please, enlighten me?

Thank you in advance
I believe you understand both "relate" and "connect."

When I hear relate I think of intangible concepts, (ie trends or similarities.)

When I hear connect I think of physical connections, (ie connect the cord to the outlet.)

Does this help?
Yes, but you would say 'The police failed to connect him with the crime," not "The police failed to relate him to the crime.", no?
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I think relate means weakly connected while connect means strongly and closely related.

Thank you! It is The best answer!