Im trying to quit.

Stuck in this haze,

a mind of an addict.

Crave it everyday,

its like I can't live without it.

Why am I this way?

My whole life's changed.

I miss the old days.

My friends use to always say hey,

and want to hang.

Now they ain't the same.

Cause of the choices I made.

Im the only one to blame.

This drug took my everything away,

now all I feel is pain.

No happiness at the end of each day.

Unaware I lost it,

till it was to late.

My mans away

and thinks I'm doing okay,

he don't know I ain't drug free.

But this sh*t ain't easy.

Everyone don't know that,

all I want to do is smoke.

It numbs the pain,

until the high fades away.

Then I hit replay.

This is insane.

Never would of thought..

I'd be this way.

I know I can get clean.

But the battle can't be fought

by just me.

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