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Title: Positive and Negative Relationships

There are many different relationships that are developed between people. Some relationships are very simple others may be complicated. Also some are healthy relationships, while others may be unhealthy. Relationship can be separated into negative relationships and positive relationships. Examples of positive and negative relationship are found in the novel “Being with Henry”, the motion picture “Gracie’s Choice” and individual experiences and observations. Even though relationships can be negative and positive, what can be said is that relationships are a part of our world.

In the novel “Being with Henry”, many of the characters were involved with both positive and negative relationships. One character, whose name was Laker had developed a positive relationship with Charlene. This is shown by the way they interact with each other during the novel, especially near the end, when they openly express their feelings to each other. Another healthy relationship is the one Laker and Henry share. Henry was almost like a father figure for Laker because of the absence of Laker’s Biological father and his 2 step-fathers. Laker seemed to have confided in Henry, and begun to care for him, particularly when Henry was ill and bed ridden. The relationship grew stronger at the end because of the fact that Henry could pass away in a couple of years. Laker’s mother, Audrey was mixed-up in a negative relationship with Winston Dawes. Before Audrey and Winston had a positive relationship, but Winston would slowly ridicule Audrey, become rather aggressive to Audrey, as if wanting an excuse to physically harm her. The relationship deteriorated so much it had become negative relationship, in which Winston would almost kill Audrey. The negative relationship that occurred between Henry and his daughter Vera-Lynne was mostly caused by Vera-Lynne’s constant control of Henry’s freedom and overprotection of his wellbeing. She had restricted Henry’s free will to do anything for himself. This had been the cause of many problems and arguments, especially the decision of letting Laker work at Henry’s house. Though novels are a good source for examples of different relationships, they aren’t the only ones.

“Gracie’s Choice” is a motion picture that also showed positive and negative relationships between the characters. Gracie and her brothers had a positive relationship, because she had become their mother figure since Gracie was the one that fed them, clothed them and basically provided for them after their mother Rowena was sent to prison for a unknown amount of time. Rowena’s relationship with her mother Louela, was a negative one because of Rowena’s choices in life, specifically her drug problems, money problems and her only source of income is through prostitution, and the money that she “acquires” from family services. This negative relationship had become so dire that it eventually killed Louela. Another negative relationship is the one Rowena had between her children. Though you cannot see the actually negativity, it is shown through the way she is taking care of them. Rowena cannot feed them most of the time; the quality of life is very poor. They are almost like nomads due to the fact that they will not stay in one place for long and Rowena can not send the children to school for an education because of this. Rowena’s personality is also the cause of this because of the fact that she cannot change. She had been given many chances to clean up her act but she could not, that is why in the end Rowena had lost custody of the children. Both novels and movies can be combined to give relationships that may happen outside of fiction but can only be real to some extent.

Different relationships that are observed or even experienced by individuals are the most valuable. These relationships can happen to anyone, anywhere and most people would have encountered these. Relationships differ from ones experienced with strangers such as the ones you encounter in stores, restaurants, everywhere you go; you will most definitely experience one. These relationships are neither positive nor negative, because of the fact that there is no knowledge of one another. Then there are the friendship relationships, in which the chances of this are lowered substantially. These are usually positives relationships because there is various amount of knowledge between one another. Then there are family relationships, which can be negative or positive. This depends on how well your family can communicate with each other. These relationships can vary from person to person since everyone has different experiences and are exposed to different situations.

Relationships occur everywhere, in which everyone has been in a relationship in one way or another, whether they are positive or negative. The novel “Being with Henry” expressed many positive and negative relationships that the characters have come in contact with. The movie “Gracie’s choice” expressed the latter relationships but with a realistic twist, but the observations and experiences of individuals are very much real, due to the fact these have occurred to actual people. Everyday, there are relationships that are created, that are thriving and ones that are dying.
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Some corrections: "Some relationships are very simple, others may be complicated, some are healthy while others are hardly can be called so. We may distinguish positive and negative relationships" "In the novel “Being with Henry”, many of the characters were involved in both positive and negative relationships." I would also suggest you to read this article to better understand how to write this type of an essay.