Hi everybody

my question is this: Could we have any chance to use two relative clauses in one sentence.

e.g. : The servant ,who was carrying a silver tray which has various plates on, entered the room.

My example may not be well but I hope you understand my point..

by the way ,I know that we can write it this way:
"The servant, who was carrying various plates on a silver tray, entered the room."

But There are some sentences I have to use double relative clauses in a sentence.....

Greetings from Turkey
I think your former sentence is all right.
Does that mean we can use the first sentence as a true one,in other words , we can use double or more relative clause in a sentence...
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According to logic you can but I am not a teacher or something so wait for the teachers here to help you. Probaby there's a secret grammatical rule...Emotion: smile
You can use as many relative clauses in a sentence as you like!
thanks Califjim and maverick88......
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Congratulations, Redkiddy!!

You are the first preson to spell my full nickname correctly!!
I am pleased to hear that maverick88,,I think i have heard this in a movie , about war planes,I think.......take care.
That's right, Redkiddy!!!!
The movie about a pilot who falls in love with an elder lady. He has a friend called 'goose' or something. The movie is called 'TopGun'.

I hope the moderators won't kick us out for this 'irrelevant to grammar' discussion.Emotion: smile
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