Hi there,

I've just been writing an essay and I wrote 'If one were to, for a moment, contemplate...' I had a friend proofread it for me and he says that it should be 'If one were, for a moment, to contemplate...'. I'm not sure which one I should be using, they both sound correct, although I find myself leaning towards the first one.

Also, another sentence I wrote was: 'recent findings have been, for the most part, misunderstood...' The same friend pointed out that it should be 'recent findings have, for the most part, been misunderstood...'. Again, I find myself preferring the first construction, although they both do seem grammatically sound.

Thanks in advance for any help or clarifications Emotion: big smile.
First example

I would go for the second one, so as to keep the infinitive in tact.

Second example

I would begin the sentence with 'for the most part'. Interrupting the flow of sentences with too many paranthetical asides is sometimes awkward.
Ah, ok. Thanks very much. Also, I think the examples I gave were actually just normal subordinate clauses, and not relative at all, sorry!