in "relax this assumption", does relax mean "weaken" or does it mean "disregard"?

This is the sentence:" Later, we will relax this assumption to examine how the interactions among subpopulations through the process of ..."

thank you so much.



1. Assume X is an integer in the range from 100 to 1000. (This is the base assumption.)

Let's relax the assumption:

2. Assume X is an integer.

The relaxation has been to remove the restriction "ranging from 100 to 1000." Thus this assumption applies to a much wider range of X values. It is less restrictive (weaker) than the first assumption.


It is to weaken, slacken, or make less strict.


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Thank you so much. I had checked many dictionaries but "to weaken an assumption" is something that I have no idea about it. That's my problem. In my opinion, an assumption is an idea that I have or believe it or I don't have or don't believe it, something more or less in the middle of the line is not imaginable to me. But if it makes sense to everybody else, then I will accept this meaning.

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Great explanation! I was trying to think of a good way to explain it, and this works!
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My sincere thanks to both of you, I do really appreciate your contributions.