Hey, I'm back again with another poem of mine...

Every movement of the leaves
On the mango tree
Remind me
Of memories
Sweet and sour.

Every humming of the wind
With the leaves
Bring back
The time
That has gone afar.

Those times full of love
To the brim with happiness
Those days full of joy
Sharing love with dear ones

My eyes always looking out
For my lover far away
My ears listening carefully
For his footsteps of love’s way

The closing of the eyes
With the enchanting kiss
The opening of our souls
With the romantic bliss

Not that I have not
Seen that love again
Not that I have not
Lived those moments again

But gone
Are those
Youthful days
Those romantic
Silent moments.

Gone are
Those sly looks
And those
Mesmerizing smiles.
Could anyone please make it more ryhming?
when u r waiting for someone
when u r looking around confused
when silence is all there for u
say what u like
ask me as much love u want
u will get all the love from me
as I am there for u
if there is something bothering ur mind
talk to me
whether it is day or night
talk to me
if something is wrong
if something is troubling u
if u feel that nothing is going right
let me know
if u have any wish
if u have any dreams
don't worry,
remember I'm there for u
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Memories are so deep
it hurts to the core
Remembering is so deep
that forgetting is no more.
Quite silent nights pass by
questioning my plight
Now it is time to die
no more waiting, no more!
Hi dear,
I really enjoy reading your poems.... keep doing it Emotion: whisper
This year will die
and in your crying soul
I'll hide. (w)
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Thanks Amani.I appreciate it.
Hey Maj, that was good.
I lost my world of Love
The other day
Did anyone see it?
Will someone help me
To find it?
It contains
All my emotions
My feelings
My affections
My laughs
My tears
My passions
My desires
And above all,
My immense Love.
It’s the most precious thing
For me.
Please help me
To find it.