I have to use “send” a lot within sentences, however, I always struggle which to use: send, sent or sent.

Is there not a kind of reminder I can use?

For example replace send by deliver.

The message will be delivered > “sent”

I deliver the message > send
Hmm, well if you're looking for some kind of reminder "sent" rhymes with "went" and both of those words have to do with the past tense so you could remember that "sent" is for the past tense that way. And if you can remember that, you'll know when to use "send" by deduction.

Thanks for your response.

I think I was not clear enough in my question.

I guess I mean “a rule” in stead of “a reminder”. IE: When to use the past or present tense if I use “send” in a sentence. If send is replaced by deliver, you can clearly hear when it has to be written in the past tense.

So, if deliver change in “delivered” I have to use “sent”.

The question is, can I use this rule to determine if a sentence has to be written in past tense ?