With due respect, I wish to inform you that my salary was deducted on June 2013.I discussed with HR so many times but i am not getting any satisfy answer from them. I do not know the reason behind that . Kindly go through the matter as soon as possible as i am facing financial problem due to it. Also kindly tell me the reason of this deduction and refund my salary which was deducted earlier.
With due respect, I believe there was an inappropriate deduction from my salary for June 2013. I have already discussed this with HR many times but I have not received a satisfactory response from them. Please review this matter as soon as possible and advise me of the reason of this deduction.

Mr. Suseel

I wish to inform to you that My last month one day salary is deducted on 2018 September.I discussed with Jibin he Know the reason deducted my salary,please refund my salary which was deducted earlier