I want to remind a client that there visit for a dental appointment is tomorrow. I want to put the subject as 'reminder of/on/for dental visit'

Which of them is the correct one to use?
reminder of ...

-Here's the reminder for the course adding and dropping courses in Term 2.

remind of:
She reminds me of her mother.
Please remind me of my 3:00 meeting.
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Can I say this?

-Here's the reminder on the course adding and dropping in Term 2.

Here ON is the same as 'a book on India' or 'a presentation on Danish grammar'; but I don't know whether the inference is correct.
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Reminder of.



  • ‘As the room emptied out at the end of the hearing, they remained the only physical reminders of the traumatic testimony that had expired.’
  • ‘The sound of nearby gunfire interrupts the inspection, a stark reminder of the dangers never far away.’
  • ‘The walls remain, a purposeful reminder of the waste of war, and the roofless interior become a sort of peace park for contemplation.’
  • ‘His faced loomed before her, a bittersweet reminder of her past.’
  • ‘They probably served as visual reminders of wartime experiences - either as private memories or collective talking points for survivors.’
  • ‘The film is a poignant reminder of the reasons to live - love, laughter, vibrancy.’