The moon has risen again, but...
You have not yet come
My heart is burning again, but...
I do not know what to do.

The night reminds me that
The loving days are gone
Worried am I that
You are not mine any more.

I am standing still
With tearful eyes
Come back to me now, as
Your memories haunt me so.

Smoke rises
From the remnants of my heart
Love has strangled my soul
Tell me what to do now, as
I am reminded of you love.
Gosh ,
you seem to be a passionate lover.
Thanks Nav... Got your mail too.
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Hi Anita:

Your contribution is nice. You have expressed your feelings in very simple but thoughtful way. I like it.Emotion: smile

Nice sharing and please keep up posting of your other stuff.

Kind Regards
Thanks a lot. I had sent this poem for a contest and I just won a prize for it. I'm so happy that I wanted to share it here with everyone.