1. My father is a teacher.

I need to repalce "my father" with pronoun.

So, I write"

"Mine is a Teacher".

IS it correct?

2. He gave my father a book.

In this sentence I need to replace "My father" with a pronoun.

I replace like this;

He gave him a book.

Is it correct?

In (1) I replace "my father" with "mine" and in(2) I replace "my father" with "him".

Actually , I could not understand why?

I did it because it sounded me well.

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In (1), "my father" should be replaced with "he" = HE is a teacher.

(2) sounds correct to me.



Your book is good.

"your book" can be replaced by "yours".

Yours is good.

Then why "my father" can not be replaced by "mine".

Any one can help me.

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Please explain it.

1.My father is a doctor.

2.Your English is excellent.

I have to replace "my father" with a pronoun.

Shoul I write

HE is a doctor.
Mine is a doctor.

The same for (2) "your English" to be replaced by a pronoun.

Yours is excellent.

My doubt is that if we can replace "my English" with "Yours" the why "my father" cannot with "mine".

Please clear the fog around me.

It depends on what you want to emphasize. It depends on what you want to contrast.

Emphasis on whose father it is:
Your father is smart. Mine is smart, too.

Emphasis on whose book it is:
My book is interesting, but his is more interesting.

Emphasis on the person himself:
Your father is smart. He is also very witty.

Emphasis on the thing itself:
Her book is red. It is also too heavy to carry.

There are two sets of pronouns to consider:

Mine = the one that belongs to me
Yours = the one that belongs to you
Also, his, hers, ours, theirs.

He = The male animate being just referred to
She = The female animate being just referred to
It = The inanimate or abstract thing just referred to
Also, they, we, you, I
Okay, califjim already told you what i forgot to mention: it depends on what you want to contrast...

if somebody tells you "my father is a doctor" you could give him the answer "mine is a doctor, too". that´s absolutely correct.
but if you just have to replace "my father" with a pronoun, the SAFEST thing would (in my opinion) be to replace it with "he".
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In the sentence-He could not at first leave the fire. Fire is the noun, what can I replace it with?
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