Could you please help me with this?

I was talking with a friend and he told me something.

He said "I am on a highway to hell".

And I replied "Then let me deviate you".

Now, here's my question.
Is my reply to what he had said just ok?

Thanks!Emotion: smile
As a jokey response it's OK. It wouldn't be said seriously.
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Hi Mr!

Yep! It was a joke because I thought that he was just joking.

Thanks very much! A vote for you!Emotion: wink
Oh, by the way, not sure if you already knew, but the normal word would be "divert". Even if you use "divert" the exchange has a sense of being humorous, but using "deviate" adds to the silliness.
Hi again Mr!

I didn't know that Mr.
I don't even use "divert" in my sentences.Emotion: embarrassed
I didn't realize that I could have used that. (Is this natural to say? or is "could use" better?)

Thanks again for the new information!Emotion: smile
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frostwhiteI don't even use "divert" in my sentences.
"divert" is normally transitive, and "deviate" is normally intransitive:

"He diverted the traffic."

"He deviated from his usual route home."
frostwhiteI didn't realize that I could have used that. (Is this natural to say? or "could use" is better?)
Both are possible. The first refers to one particular past instance, and the second is a general statement. On balance, I prefer the second. The additional complexity of the first doesn't seem to add much value in this situation.
Wow! I learned a lot from you today.

Many Thanks Mr. Wordy!