How will I write or email a letter to decline for a job interview? a format perhaps... Emotion: big smile

my reason of declining it is that the company is too far from our place. It's 1 hr. plane ride. I find it impractical to go there for an inyerview then go back to my place and wait for anather call if i got the job or not. I have also apply to another company which is within our place.
You seem to have a general knowledge of English so have a go and we'll help you correct any mistakes.

Sections you may want to use:

Thank them for the invitation.

You regret to inform them that you won't be attending, (state your reasons if you wish).

Thank them for their time/consideration and wish them every sucess for the future.

Sign off.

Dear Mr. XXX:

Good day!<<< Note that this kind of greeting is not appropriate. Just remove it.

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thanks for the reply...

Another question, how do i state my condition or reason? do you think it's acceptable to tell them my reason above or just tell them that I already got a job which is within our place? (for now i don't have a job yet, but i'm applying to some companies here in our place. I just don't want to take the opportunity for now, cause it will be my first interview. )

so this is what I made,

Dear Mr. XXX:

Good day!

Thank you for invitng me for an interview for the position of ***. I apologize for the late response.

However, I regret to inform you that I have to decline to your invitation because of _____. Once again thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Firstly you should make a thank you message that you were able to qualify for an interview on their company and second you just have to tell them nicely your situation and that there is already a good offer in another company.Just be honest and all will go well...Good luck on your job.
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