A company has sent me the following email to arrange a telephone interview with me. I've written the answer but I'd be really grateful if someone could check it. I find that my answer is too abrupt and I believe that what they want with this email is to check my English. I don't want to sound pompous either.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Dear X,

We have received your application and we want to thank you for your interest in our company.

As a next step, we would like to arrange a telephone interview. Here are our suggestions:

Friday 28 November at 4.00 pm


Tuesday 2 December at 11.00 am or at 3.00 pm


Friday 5 December at 10.00 am or at 3.30 pm

Could you please confirm which date suits you best and on which telephone number you would prefer to be reached?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Best regards

(Name of the company)


Dear Sirs or Madams,

I am delighted to receive your invitation for a telephone interview. Tuesday 2nd November at 11:00 am would suit me best. My telephone number is XXXXXX.

Best regards,


It looks fine.
For the salutation I would say Dear Sir or Madam:
Typically it is one person receiving your response, so singular is better.
If you know who it is, use their name.
Thank you!
I'll change the salutation now Emotion: smile
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How to accept an interciew date and say that this date is good for me.
Read the posts above.
If you want to write something different, just write it and post here for comments.
Anonymous How to accept an interciew date and say that this date is good for me.
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My interviewer just set the two panel interviews on the weekend and then she realized that it is on Sunday. She sent me the following email:

My apologies I must have been looking at xxx and not xxx. I have now held the afternoon of xxx11th from 1-3 p.m.

Is that good if I reply as below:

No problem, I thought you must have checked a different month. The afternoon of xxx 11th is perfect and I guess both interviews would be on the same day.

Thanks a lot for your help!