I would appreciate any advice on how to reply to the interview invitation. Thank you!


Dear ***,

I am pleased to invite you to a panel interview with the XYZ. Your panel interview has been scheduled for Monday, November 18. On the morning of the panel interview, please report to the XYZ Visitor Center no later than 8:45 AM.

Please confirm your attendance and let me know if you require accommodation by responding to this email.…

I would appreciate it if you could please respond to this email as soon as possible to confirm receipt of this message, its attachments, and to discuss the logistical details associated with your interview (e.g. travel to Washington, accommodation, etc.).

Kind regards,


draft of my reply:

Dear ***,
I am delighted to receive an invitation for a panel interview. I confirm my attendance and receipt of the attachments. I will need 
an accommodation in Washington. Please let me know how should I proceed regarding the accommodation and travel arrangements.
Hello qq2, and welcome to the forums.

For some reason, the right side of your post has been cut off so I can't read it properly. Can you repost?
I re-posted it again (see next post) Thanks!