Whenever I do a "Reply" to a question, my cursor is several spaces behind the letter I'm typing. This makes it almost impossible to correct/edit my answers. (I notice it's doing the same thing right now.)
Have you always had this problem on EF?

Try a different browser.
AvangiHave you always had this problem on EF?

Try a different browser.

No, the problem started about 2 months ago, and it's not consistent. Every once in a while I have no problem. How do I go to a different browser?
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Markroe How do I go to a different browser?
I'm embarrassed! Emotion: embarrassed

My son gave me icons for three browsers:
IE (internet explorer - Microsoft)
FF (firefox - Mozilla)
Chrome (Google)

I believe there are others. We have the best luck with FireFox.

We probably have a zillion members who can tell you exactly how to do it.

I'll move this thread to the "Help Forum," and one of the Admins will help you with it, I'm sure.

Good luck, - A.
MarkroeHow do I go to a different browser?
What browser do you use now? Is it one of the three Avangi listed?
To change a browser, you should download an installation file first (here is the one for Firefox , for example), then install it on your computer and then run the program.
I have been using Internet Explorer. Now I have tried Firefox and Chrome Google, and I don't have the same problem, but I get the message "Post Pending Moderation," and my replies don't get posted.
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Hi, Markroe,
This one got posted. [Y]

You're coming through as an anonymous poster, so your posts have to go through moderation. Sometimes it takes a while.

Perhaps EF recognized your old browser, but hasn't yet learned your new one.
You'll probably have to log in again on the home page, using your user name and password.

Also, whenever you clear your cookies, you need to log in again.

Glad to hear the new browsers are working.

- A.
I just noticed too that they are being posted as "Anonymous." Thank you.
I deleted the duplicate anony post.
I really suggest that you use FF, Markroe.
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