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Administration of Oranienburg

We like to introduce our place of work – the administration of Oranienburg.

First of all we like to give you some facts about the town and its administration clerk.
Oranienburg is district town of the administrative district Oberhavel. It is northern of Berlin, 35 kilometres far away from Berlins inner city.

About 42.000 people live in Oranienburg. 567 from them are from 65 different nations.

Since October, 26th, 2003 Oranienburg has 7 new districts. The administrative district has been new-structuring and following communities became part of Oranienburg: Malz, Friedrichsthal, Wensickendorf, Schmachtenhagen, Zehlendorf, Germendorf, Lehnitz.

You can find the administration in the baroque castle, which was built in 1652.
In the castle more than 150 administration clerks are working there. Approximate 100 workers come a long which work as caretaker, as cleaning lady and worker at the town cleaning department.

And now the structure of our municipality:

01/ office for promotion of economy, city marketing, tourism and public relations
head of department: Mrs. Lage
- contact care with twin towns
- all kinds of public relations: internet presentation, press release, official gazette, pamphlet
- promotion of tourism
- read the newspaper and cut out articles about the town and collect them

10 main- and personnel administration with following fields: Electronic data base management, archives, central administration and organisation
head of department: Mr. Hornauer
- procurement: purchasing of office furniture and office supplies
- prepare statistics and elections
- deal with payroll accounting
- employment and dismissals
- deal with applications
- keep personal files

30 department of law with fine office and registry office:
head of department: Mr. Lohaus
- deal with all kinds of insurances
- deal with data protection
- responsible for lawsuits
- prepare birth certifications and death certifications
- prepare all official documents and they marry people
- prepare notes of fines
- check income of the fines

02 culture department
head of department: Mrs. Faßmann
- organize many different events in Oranienburg for every season: summer festivals, Christmas fair, piano evenings, readings… and so on

20 treasury, tax department, cash point and executation
head of department: Mrs. Ehlert
- deal with the budget (planning, supervise, settling)
- work with money of administration
- check incomes and do expenses
- file bills which are paid
- deal with all kinds of cash orders
- make an executation of fines and other demands of the administration
- make an execution for third
- deal with different tax assessments (e.g. dogs; trade tax)
- calculate land tax

32 town clerk’s office with following fields: public safety and order, trade department head of department: Mrs. Holm
- register or cancel a trade or business
- work together with staffs of fire brigade
- all matters of homeless people
- field work: supervise public security
- disposal from duds of 2nd world war
- registration of dogs

40 department of school, sport, kindergarten and social tasks
head of department: Mr. Walter
- organize employment of technical employees in schools and kindergartens
- calculate kindergarten charge
- work with enrolment forms for kindergarten
- calculate social security allowances
- administer libraries
- deal with forms for new identity cards
- renew identity cards
- certify documents- change your address of residence
- organize free time activities for children

60 building administration
head of department: Mrs. Rudolph
- deal with budget – pay all bills
- invitation to bid and placing for new building projects
- apply for financial support

61 town planing department
head of department: Mr. Kielczynski
- work out the development plan
- plan the urban renewal
- care of the environment
- disposal from contaminated soil
- traffic planning

65 department of economical management
head of department: Mrs. Gassan
- real estate, rent and lease
- pay running costs (gas, water, trash...) for public buildings
- placing of orders for reconstruction and repairs

66 department of civil engineering
head of department: Mr. Bernard
- supervise streets, bridges and places in Oranienburg
- repair different damages on streets, buildings, places and bridges
- care for plants, trees and green fields in the towns
- clean the public places, streets, parks…
- administrate all matters of cemeteries

A little quiz about the administration of oranienburg

Please mark with a cross the right answer!

1. The 7 new parts of oranienburg are: Wenisckendorf, Malz, Friedrichsthal, Schmachtenhagen, Zehlendorf, Germendorf and...

... Leegebruch
... Lehnitz
... Birkenwerder
... Borgsdorf

2. In Oranienburg live more than ...

... 35.000 inhabitants
... 40.000 inhabitants
... 45.000 inhabitants
... 50.000 inhabitants

3. You can find the administration of oranienburg in...

... an old Renaissance castle
... an old Romanticism castle
... an old Baroque castle

4. Who is the major of oranienburg?

Mr. Laesicke
Mr. Oltersdorf
Mrs. Faßmann

5. Which department is responsible to work out the development
Plan and environmental protection?

department of economical management
town planning department
building administration


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