Thank you for you continuous support but i am little bit afraid to give the letter which you send me first, i want like this type, please try to understand my feelings from my letter and correct for me plz.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I need your help to write for me letter, i want to give to my manager. My problems are that I am working in tender dept for past 10 years. We are four staffs under one supervisor. Unfortunately, past 6 months my supervisor has not fair in distributing in equal assigns of work task in between all staffs. Some of the staff only looking for a particular job, apart from that they didn’t touch other jobs even they don’t have anything to do. He is also even scared to ask them to help other staffs when they just sit ideal. He just keeps putting workloads on my shoulder, which is cost me a heavy stress. Most of the times he waits until for me to finish one task, because he can have handed to me others jobs, but he doesn’t hand over to my coworkers.

Please I need your intervene to solve this unfair practiced in the office which is disrupt the progress.


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