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The scammer's banned. Thanks for reporting, Damir! It seems you're lucky in catching those. Emotion: wink

I have had the same messages happen to me on various dating sites asking for my personal details etc. With the exact same format.

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Too bad. If you get one here, please let us know the spammer's screen name.

This morning, I received two comments on my profile from "baby2011".
  • Am Juliana a natural young lady who desires to meet friends to learn languages,cultures and personal interest,i would be glad if you contact me at **** so that i will inform you more about me and send my pic
So, is "baby2011" a scammer too? It's because, after receiving notifications (via my email), I went to check those comments on my profile. at first, those comments were there, and when I re-checked it again (after a few minutes), it's gone. So, I was a little bit confused, did she deleted it (for some personal reasons? ah, i didn't have the chace to reply anything to her, so, i didn't think i was offensive to anyone Emotion: shake) or the admins deleted it because she's a scammer?

Thanks! Emotion: rock

Yep, she's a scammer, and yep, she was banned. Emotion: wink
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aye, Thanks Ruslana! as a newbie here, i thought i had offended anyone. So, i am glad to know that "she" didn't deleted it for "her own personal reasons". Emotion: phew *me relieved - phew!*

i received another message this morning, from "abcdefghijklm"
  • "Hello, my nane is sylvia, I saw your profile and i become interested in you, i will like us to be friends, and i know we can be friends from here, please do not mind the distance and color in between us, send me your email address, so that i can contact you and tell you more about me, and also send you my picture, contact me directly with this email address, ***
*sigh..* :<

Banned. Thank you, Red Guitar!
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RuslanaBanned. Thank you, Red Guitar!
you're welcome, Ruslana. Emotion: smile

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