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Thanks a lot Ruslana.

jeenajay126Just for my understanding I wish to know if once this user is removed how is it that they are able to send mails again to any other user?
If you edit your profile, you can delete the PUBLIC email in your profile.
These addresses are visible to scammers. Besides, there are "harvesters" for automatically collecting email lists and sell to spammers.

I never post my email in a public profile. I share my personal information such as email addresses very cautiously and sparingly.
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I've recieved a friend request with that message

How are you,
My name is Blessing,
I am tall,good,looking,girl full of love...
I saw your profile at this site and was delighted to contact you,
I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring friend that I have been looking 4,
And I have something special to tell you about me,Remember the distance or colour or age does not matter but love matters a lot in life So please contact me directly through my email address at blessing3godwill/at/ so that I can also send
my picture directly to you.

Please dear mail me directly to my inbox


so I thought maybe you want to look at that profile , maybe it's a kind of spammer or whatever

The user name is Donaldson

I hope that was useful.
A typical scammer who is banned now. Thanks for reporting!
Hi Ruslana, Hi everybody,

I just got a comment on my profile from jessydion2. She/He posted this comment on two other members' profile.

"How are you today? is my great pleasure to write you this letter.
i would love to say, i will like
to share my idea with you. in deed, we all know that is only those who
love good things on earth appreciate it as reality as i welcome your
profile to life to have you as my life partner for rest of my
days.However, have a nice day and i am looking forward to hearing from
you so that will tell you more about myself, if what i have written
meet up your heart desire also pleases your mind.reply me back at

((Email removed))

Thank and remain bless

Yours Sincerelly"

When she/he wrote thirdly she/he changed its e-mail (So it is not removed automatically. It is jessydion20 @ I know maybe it is a false alarm but its profile is an empty one... and then write to other people immediately. I think so it is worth at least a warning towards her/him. Sorry if I was wrong.
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Banned, thanks for reporting it!
Hello Adminstrators,

I've got a friend requst with that message :

Well,am Christy by name....I was just surfing through the internet and i saw your profile attached to that wonderful name of yours and decided to unleash my uncontrollable feeling towards you..... I must confess the fact that your nice profile really caught my eyes really look unavoidable.... Meanwhile, I wish to let you know i have a sincerity of purpose for writing you this letter and to know more about you...I believe we can make good and enviable friends too...Do feel free to ask me anything you wish to....I will be looking forward to your honest reply. to my private email Thank,

((email removed))

Christy baby

That name was


You may like to look at that profile.
Re: christykumah

Yes, I got the same thing. It's taken directly from the 'Scammers 101 Training Manual"... just a cut'n'paste job.

Yawn ... it doesn't take much intelligence to realise that writing something original would be far more effective. I guess I shouldn't give them ideas... Scammers - please, copy each other. You are far more intelligent than the rest of us, and we believe everything you write, especially if it is 99% the same as the last scam "introduction" email we received.
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Banned, thank you!
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