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Here's another one:

lucy4sure My name is Lucy
Hopefully this mail will find you in a perfect state of mind and good health. While going through the internet browse/ today, I came across your profile which I personally find interesting and charming and decided to drop you few lines just to say hi,I am looking for a long term relationship in a man of your kind who understands the need to love and be loved. I have taken time to see the age difference us but this is really within my choice of age ranged I have no problems with that.I sincerely find you and what I have read so far from your profile very interesting and I will like to know and hear more from you. Included here with this mail is my email address through which you can reach me. ( remember that distance, color or language does not matter but love matters a lot.
I really look forward to reading from you soon.
Banned, thank you!
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I've got this as a comment on my profile...

My name is Linda, a single nice looking girl i saw your profile from today i became interested in you and establish a serious relationship with you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address (lindasow @ ,i will give you my pictures. I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address

Best regards

The user name is
Banned, thank you!
Hi everybody Emotion: smile

Isn't suspicious this user a little bit? Emotion: big smile He is male, he is always 'horney', he is native speaker Emotion: big smileDD
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Suspicious, indeed. But scammers don't usually put that much information in their profile. That's probably another kind of users. Emotion: wink I've deleted the dubious parts of her/his profile info and have sent the user a warning PM. We'll be keeping an eye out, thanksHole One a New See!
This one put a comment (which seemed premade) on my profile, I looked at hers and she put the exact same comment on lots of other people so I guess I was right:

luv1234 Hello Dear,

Hi Am OLIVIA, 23years old, am here to ask for your hand of friendship because i love making friends and gathering new ideas in life, so please if you don,t mind
lets get to know each other better via this my private e-mail!

( oliviaawa at-yahoo dot com
so that i can explain myself better to you and send you my pictures

Thanks -pls my dear reply direct to my private

email- ( oliviaawa at-yahoo dot com

Banned, thank you!
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I think that 'LearnEnglish1 ' also would like to get a ban. His/her advertising is disgusting and he/she just copy/paste that (and it doesn't bore him/her Emotion: big smile ).
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